News. e-Works Corporate Workshop and Party


e-Works Corporate Workshop and Partye-Works Corporate Workshop and Party2

On December 24, 2011 all the e-Works team was invited to spend 2 days in Arthurs Aghveran Resort, located in one of the most beautiful places of Armenia, Aghveran. This was a wonderful opportunity to both organize an annual workshop and to have some rest. During the workshop the team, in the head of the company CEO, had a chance to discuss the current and future projects, to get the detailed information on the successes and development of the company. The team also discussed the future plans and the possible changes. All in all the meeting was another proof of the Company’s fast development and being one of the leaders in the Armenian IT Market. It is also important to mention that e-Works continues to develop globally and to gain partners from all over the world.

e-Works Corporate Workshop and Party3

After the informative workshop the team was invited to dine and enjoy their social time. All was happening in a very warm and friendly atmosphere, which again proved, that e-Works remains a team even during having a rest.